Ireland and UK CoderDojo community tea breaks

Join Noeleen, Tom, and members of the Ireland and UK CoderDojo community online for a 30-minute tea break call. There is no need to prepare anything, except maybe a cuppa. We have set a topic for each call that you might want to think about beforehand, but the discussions won't be limited to these topics.

Take a look at the upcoming tea breaks and complete this form if you would like to attend. If you have any questions, please email Noeleen (NI and ROI) at or Tom (UK) at

We look forward to seeing you there!

22 February 2024, 11am
Ideas for engaging girls in Dojos 

Ahead of International Women's Day in March, the focus for February's call will be on engaging more girls in Dojos. We'll be recommending some Raspberry Pi Foundation coding projects you can use in your Dojo, and we'll be chatting and sharing ideas that community members have used in their own Dojos.

22 March 2024, 11am
Physical computing in your club
In March’s tea break call we will be exploring ways to control and interact with the real world via physical computing. We’ll demonstrate some fun Micro:bit and Raspberry Pi Pico projects that work well in a range of Dojo environments, as well as chatting to community members about all of the cool things their Ninjas have constructed over the years.