Become a volunteer experience contributor 

Over the coming months, we will be developing additional training resources specifically for CoderDojo volunteers. We are looking for a number of people who have been or are currently involved in volunteering with CoderDojo to contribute to the feedback and decision-making process.

Volunteers contributing to our volunteer experience work will be asked to attend a one-hour online session once a month over six months, and we ask that you spend two hours per month contributing to the project. The first two sessions will focus on training and development for volunteers. Resources will be shared with you between these sessions, and we would need you to review them and share your input. The group of volunteer contributors will be added to a private channel on the CoderDojo Global Slack instance, where you can discuss inputs between sessions as you wish.

We are aiming to have a representative sample of volunteers from the community involved in the project, therefore please be aware that we may not be able to accept all applications.