Birthday Greeting Giveaway

 Please note:

  • This form should ONLY be filled in by an adult (i.e., a parent/volunteer) on behalf of the child/group.
  • The giveaway is open from October 1 until October 31 2021.
  • It is open to young people (under 18) involved in a Dojo which is registered on the CoderDojo platform, as well as to young people new to CoderDojo
  • One project entry per young person (under 18 years of age).
  • Children can enter alone or as a group, the maximum group size is five.

NOTE: Projects need to be submitted as a weblink; this can be the Scratch project url (make sure it is public, you will need to confirm the email address connected to the account to do this) or a Trinket url. Alternatively, young people can present their project to camera, upload the video to YouTube, and enter the YouTube video url above (make sure the video link is viewable to be assessed).